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Research, Consultancy and Training

VIMADES was founded on a strong research potential justifying its consulting and training activities:

- VIMADES conducts its non commercial research activities in the laboratory LASTRE : Laboratoire d’Applications des Systèmes Tychastiques Régulés (Applied Tychastic Regulated Systems Laboratory);
- VIMADES provides expertise to client companies through consulting activities;
- VIMADES brings a particular attention to the training of direct or potential users.

Consultancy activities range from analysis of a problem to the design of software solutions:

- Diagnostic and problem analysis
- Designing of solutions
- Formalization and mathematical treatment,
- Design of algorithmic methods,
- Programming of software.

Training at different levels of technical and mathematical difficulty, are designed in collaboration according to the needs expressed:

- The training is provided by teams of two to three teachers and according to wish may involved professional of client companies;
- The content of the training is tailored to the audience, ranging from conceptual presentations, software utilization to mathematics;
- The courses are concentrated in periods of 2 to 5 days and can be arranged on site or off site, to fit the needs;
- The material (texts, animations, executable software) are available.

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