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VIALOG software suite

The VIALOG software suite, at development stages, is a core program
- allowing to compute feedbacks driving evolutions which satisfy viability constraints
- offering management modules for various business, industrial or research applications.

Management modules provide numerical solutions to specific problems such as reaching a target in finite time, avoiding obstacles, assessing and managing risk, regulating optimal and/or viable evolutions governed by controlled system under uncertainty.

The modular software package can be used in many situations dealing with regulation under viability and uncertainty. It is thus suited for numerous applications in various fields of activity, as a management tool or as a regulating tool in an industrial process or embarked systems.

Specific and user-friendly interfaces are designed according to the needs of each product and client company and can be coupled with other processes, such as data acquisition and management of information.

Training courses and the maintenance of the software are provided.

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