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VIMADES contributes to some problems of traffic regulation, both for highway and aerial traffic.

The problem investigated is the computation and/or optimization of travel times of a given vehicle between any points of nodes of a physical network, made of highways (Real-time traffic information on (CMS) changeable message signs) or Air Traffic Management (ATM) "Gate to Gate" or "Enroute to Enroute" 4D routes (tubes and funnels) for dynamic allocation of "available arrival routes" and computation of "4D contract flights"

- For highway transportation, we use the currently used macroscopic Moskowitz/Lighthill-Whitham-Richards theory for Lagrangian conditions provided by pieces of trajectories equipped with GPS
- For a microscopic approach, VIMADES investigates the regulation of one or several prototypical vehicles between any two nodes of the system.


Example of a road network and of control and computation of the transport time between two nodes of the network for a vehicle with a known controlled dynamics.

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