• Born February 19, 1939, Abidjan, Ivory Coast 
  • 4 children : Henri-Jean (1960), Anne-Laure (1961), Marc (1963), Pierre-Cyril(1994) 
  • VIMADES (Paris Antenna)  14, rue Domat, 75005 Paris France 
  • aubin.jp@gmail.com

Jean-Pierre Aubin laid the mathematical  foundation of viability theory at the end of the 1970′ and developed with  Georges Haddad, Hélène Frankowska and Patrick Saint-Pierre  mathematical, numerical and software tools to apply it in control theory, partial differential equations, economics and finance, environmental sciences and cognitive sciences (learn ing processes in natural and artificial neural networks, embarked autonomous feed-backs).  After starting his career at Purdue University (1967) as a specialist of functional numerical analysis of partial differential equations, he returned to France in 1969 to found and develop the  department and research center in decision mathematics and the CEREMADE (Centre de recherche de Mathématiquesde la Décision) of the newly created Université Paris-Dauphine. Since then, he attempts to forge and develop new mathematical tools for mathematics motivated by life sciences. Since 2006, he is one of the co-fonder of VIMADES.


(in preparation).La valeur n’existe pas.  Essai sur le temps, l’argent et le hasard
(2010) La mort due devin, l’émergence du démiurge. Essai sur la contingence, la viabilité et l’inertie des systèmes, Beauchesne
(prix de l’Académie des Sciences Morales et Politiques (2011)

Research Monographs

(2016) Traffic Networks as Information Systems. A Viability Approach (with A. Désilles)
(2014) Tychastic Viability Measure of Risk Eradication. A Viabilist Portfolio Performance and Insurance Approach (with L. Chen and O. Dordan)
(2013) Time and Money. How Long and How Much Money is Needed to Regulate a Viable Economy, Springer
(2011) Viability Theory. New Directions, Springer-Verlag (with A. Bayen and P. Saint-Pierre)
(2000) Mutational and morphological analysis: tools for shape regulation and morphogenesis,Birkhäuser
(1997) Dynamic economic theory: a viability approach, Springer-Verlag
(1996) Neural networks and qualitative physics: a viability approach, Cambridge University Press
(1991) Viability theory, Birkhäuser
(1990) Set-valued analysis, Birkhäuser (with H. Frankowka)
(1984) Differential inclusions, Springer-Velag, (with A. Cellina)
(1984) Applied nonlinear analysis, Wiley-Interscience (with I. Ekeland)
(1982, 1979) Mathematical methods of game and economic theory, North-Holland
(1972) Approximation of elliptic boundary-value problems, Wiley-Interscience


(2000, 1979) Applied functional analysis (second edition), Wiley Interscience. French Version: (1987) Analyse fonctionnelle appliquée, tomes 1 & 2, Presses Universitaires de France
(1998, 1993) Optima and equilibria, Springer-Verlag. French Version: (1984) L’analyse nonlinéaire et ses motivations économiques, Masson
(1994) Initiation à l’analyse appliquée, Masson (1987) Exercices d’analyse non linéaire, Masson
(1985) Explicit methods of optimization, Dunod. French Version: (1982) Méthodes explicitesde l’optimisation, Dunod
(1977) Applied abstract analysis, Wiley-Interscience

Other Publications : tt.pdfp://vimades.com/AUBIN/Publications

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